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Anpetu Luta Otipi will not fund the following types of projects:
  • All activities that do not directly address alcohol, commercial tobacco, and/or drugs. As a result, Anpetu Luta Otipi will not assist sports teams with travel expenses, uniforms, or tournament entrance fees.
  • Donations. Single events, conferences, and/or meetings.
  • Single events no matter how well designed are shown to have very limited affect on changing attitudes, beliefs, or behavior. As a result, the long-term benefits of such events seldom out weigh the costs.
  • Motivational speakers who present to an assembly of youth within schools and adolescent student groups. Speaking at a school is considered a single event even if the speaker presents to multiple groups. Each group is still only receiving one intervention.
  • T-shirts, banners, bags, water bottles, walk-runs, and other promotional items are only effective for program promotion and not behavioral change. Promotional items and activities that are not related to a community-wide prevention campaign supported by Anpetu Luta Otipi will not be supported.
  • All activities related to a memorial of suicide victims; even if they are called suicide prevention.
  • Activities that provide concurrent religious education/teaching/proselytization with alcohol and substance abuse education. (I.E. bible school that highlights drug use). Faith-based organizations that provide prevention education on Thursdays but hold Sunday School on Sundays would be ok so long as the youth attending the prevention education were not proselytized.